Laurie Barkman

Special guest

Laurie Barkman, the business transition sherpa, is the former CEO of a $100 million revenue company that was sold to a Fortune 50. As a mergers and acquisitions advisor, Laurie provides a structured process for business owners to plan successful transitions of their companies.

Laurie is the author of The Business Transition Handbook: How to Avoid Succession Pitfalls and Create Valuable Exit Options, guiding business owners on their journey from transition to transaction, from creating value to letting go.

She is an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University, and hosts the award-winning podcast Succession Stories, where she speaks with hundreds of entrepreneurs who have shared their journeys through succession.

Laurie earned her MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, and Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University. She received certifications from The Alliance of Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors, The Exit Planning Institute, and The Value Builder System.

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