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Join host David Spray, as he interviews business owners and industry leaders about the IC-DISC program. Insights and anecdotes to help you increase your after-tax income.


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    EP055: From Courtroom to Boardroom with Jane Howze

    June 11th, 2024  |  1 hr 1 min

    In today's episode of the IC-DISC show, I chat with Jane Howze, founder and managing director of executive search firm Alexander Group. Jane shares her remarkable transition from commercial lending and law into this male-dominated industry.

    Her insight into culture, growth, and talent acquisition provided invaluable counsel for aspiring leaders.

    We explore nuanced career shifts and hiring new teams, emphasizing integrity's strategic importance. Jane highlights fact-checking credentials for ethics and vetting, referencing a shocking case of credential fabrication. Our conversation sheds light on work evolutions, from mentorship changes to communication innovations over the years.

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    Ep054: Wealth Preservation Masterclass with Jonathon Morrison

    May 7th, 2024  |  47 mins 43 secs

    In today's episode of the IC-DISC show, I sit down with estate planning expert Jonathon Morrison. Listen in as he shares strategic guidance for business owners worth $10+ million on safeguarding wealth in the changing tax landscape.

    With the looming December 2025 deadline, Jonathon explains trust structures and exemptions that can freeze business value to minimize estate taxes. From revenue crunching to complex legislation, his expertise cuts through financial jargon.

    For those growing rapidly or concerned about legacy, this conversation provides nuanced counsel on leveraging sophisticated legal mechanisms.

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    Ep053: Unlocking the Potential of Export Credit Insurance with Eric Miller

    April 12th, 2024  |  50 mins 6 secs

    In today's episode of the IC-DISC show, Eric Miller from the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EX-IM) provides valuable insights into how this 90-year-old institution supports American exporters through strategic financial services. I also learned that EX-IM is one of just two governmental agencies that is an actual profit center.

    Before joining EX-IM, Eric worked for a privately-held exporter that was a customer of EX-IM. His expertise both inside and outside of EX-IM sheds light on crucial products like export credit insurance, export financing, and financing for foreign buyers. These solutions can alleviate common hurdles inhibiting international trade growth.

    We also talk through some real-world examples of these various EXIM solutions. This is a must-listen episode for any company doing substantial direct exports.

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    Ep052: Mastering Finance with Nearshoring Insights with Dan Corredor

    March 4th, 2024  |  38 mins 28 secs

    In today's episode of the IC-DISC show, I sit down with Dan Corredor, the owner of Strategic CFO, to discuss how his firm is revolutionizing the accounting landscape through near-shoring in Mexico. We explore Dan's journey starting in Colombia and arriving in Houston, where his bilingual skills have helped Strategic CFO carveout a unique niche.

    Our conversation reveals how Strategic CFO blends accounting expertise with innovative strategies to strengthen businesses from the inside out. Through insights on US GAAP, technology, and building capable teams, Dan shows us why accounting is about more than compliance - it's about fostering strategic growth.

    Near the end, Dan offers us personal anecdotes about cultivating early savings habits and his culinary interests. Our discussion provides a blueprint for navigating accounting challenges with an international perspective and strategic foresight to propel businesses higher.

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    Ep051: Pathways to Successful Business Transitions with Laurie Barkman

    January 10th, 2024  |  44 mins 34 secs

    Today on the IC-DISC show, join us for an insightful discussion with Laurie Barkman, a renowned CEO and author of The Business Transition Handbook. As the acclaimed Business Transition Sherpa, Laurie sheds light on the reality that all business owners will exit someday.

    We explore the challenges of selling a business, like why most small businesses don't sell successfully and the potential pitfalls of an exit.

    We also discuss relying on experienced advisors and how understanding taxes and markets can aid planning. Laurie shares invaluable advice on navigating this critical phase successfully.

    This episode is a must-listen for any business owner planning to navigate their business transition.

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    Ep050: Exploring Alabama's Booming Industries with Carolyn Turner

    December 13th, 2023  |  34 mins 6 secs

    In today's episode of the IC-DISC show, I have a captivating discussion with Carolyn Turner from the Alabama International Trade Center. We uncover fascinating details about Alabama's economic progress and the pivotal role of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in boosting job growth and new businesses.

    Carolyn shares inspiring success stories of SBDC clients who utilized free services to export goods successfully. I also learned more about the SBDC's impactful support for small businesses through cost-free assistance.

    We wrap it up by exploring how SBDC teams in Texas and Colorado foster business growth.

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    Ep049: Demystifying Virtual Family Offices with Mark Wade

    November 15th, 2023  |  35 mins 59 secs

    In today's episode of the IC-DISC show, I chat with Mark Wade, founder and president of Echelon Virtual Family Office. Mark shares insights into virtual family office services, tailored for those with substantial wealth not needing a standalone family office. We also discuss premium-financed life insurance structures and how they serve individuals with several million dollars in assets.

    Mark outlines the origins of virtual family offices, tracing back to the Rockefellers. We learn they now cater to those with $10 million or more in assets. Additionally, Mark describes optimizing value when selling a business through pre-sale coordination, marketing strategy, and deploying post-liquidity event assets.

    We conclude by examining indexed universal life insurance advantages and investing in index funds, real estate, and small businesses. Overall, this informative episode underscores wealth management options and leveraging life insurance through Mark's insights

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    Ep048: Redefining Business Financing with Jerry Vaughn

    October 26th, 2023  |  37 mins 33 secs

    In today's episode of the IC-DISC Show, we chat with Jerry Vaughn, founder and president of J Gault, a company revolutionizing business financing. Jerry explains how J Gault enables Main Street businesses to reap corporate credit opportunities by leveraging their EINs and NOT having to provide a personal guarantee.

    He shares insightful stories of entrepreneurs who, thanks to J Gault, secured lower interest rates and increased funding despite lacking revenue history or business plans. As Jerry describes, J Gault's approach prepares companies for economic uncertainty while ensuring they emerge stronger.

    Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to scale up or a small business owner pursuing growth, this discussion with Jerry Vaughn illuminates the transformative potential available by accessing business credit innovatively.

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    Ep047: Unlocking the Secrets of Financial Growth with Kirk McLaren

    September 22nd, 2023  |  36 mins 3 secs

    In today's illuminating episode, listen in as I chat with Kirk McLaren, founder of Foresight CFO, about thriving in finance and business.

    Kirk lifts the veil on the strategic growth CFO role beyond tasks. Discover pivotal client habits and Kirk's innovative fractional model. An intriguing question prompts Kirk's life-shaping reflections.

    Dive into Kirk's book exploring transformational practices. Thought-provoking topics include Tesla's budgeting, lean innovator Joe Justice, and the power of tales. I also share leadership lessons from my CEO collaborations.

    Finally, uncover a CFO's higher mission. Kirk illuminates the Growth CFO Certification, empowering professionals as strategic partners. If you seek financial stewardship strategies or a richer purpose, this episode presents a treasury of wisdom for cultivating sustainable growth in your organization and career.

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    Ep046: Exit Planning and Succession with Mike Silverman and Matt Clark

    August 18th, 2023  |  59 mins 7 secs

    Today on the IC-DISC Podcast, I spoke with Mike Silverman and Matt Clark, two attorneys specializing in exit planning and succession planning for business owners. They explained that exit planning is all about planning when an owner wants to leave the company, while succession planning identifies future leaders within the business. Both are crucial since you need a strategy for expected and unexpected departures.

    Mike and Matt stressed meeting regularly so these plans stay on track and don't cause disruption. They also talked about having a whole team involved beyond just lawyers, with experts in different fields all working together towards long-term goals.

    The overall message I got from listening was planning early, working with professionals with experience like Matt and Mike, and sticking with the process to ensure that transitions go smoothly for everyone.

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    Ep045: Mastering The Art of Financial Planning with Jackie Campbell

    July 27th, 2023  |  1 hr 30 mins

    In today’s episode of the IC-Disc podcast, we sit down with Jackie Campbell, a savvy CPA, founding partner of a thriving firm in Tampa, and the engaging host of her own radio show and podcast, Beyond the Money. Jackie generously shares her firm's unique 360-degree approach to financial planning, propelling clients towards a secure future.

    We dig deep into the importance of believing in oneself, the necessity of having succession plans, and how to stay connected with clients. Jackie highlights the importance of strategic planning, building generational wealth, and her passion for helping those in the "retirement red zone" and first responders.

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    Ep044: Returns on an Alternative Investment Class with Hayden Kelly

    June 28th, 2023  |  36 mins 57 secs

    In today’s episode of the IC-Disc podcast, I have a great guest today, Hayden Kelly from Chicago. He is with Chicago Atlantic and they have a really interesting cannabis fund for accredited investors.

    They've identified a market inefficiency because endowments, institutions, and non-profits are usually prohibited from investing in cannabis. Additionally, these cannabis companies are typically not bankable for traditional debt. So Chicago Atlantic has a really interesting debt model for accredited investors, with great collateral coverage and attractive loan-to-value ratios.

    Hayden is a really interesting guy, and even if you're not investing, he has a really interesting update on the state of the cannabis business, especially east of the Mississippi. In fact, Hayden shares some background on cannabis legalization history and why states east of the Mississippi are more financially attractive. I hope you enjoy the episode.

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    EP043: Estate Planning Strategies for a Lasting Legacy with Marvin Blum

    May 24th, 2023  |  59 mins 42 secs

    In today’s episode of the IC-DISC podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Marvin Blum, one of the top estate-planning attorneys in the country. Marvin shares his unique approach to estate-planning that focuses on the head and the heart of the matter.

    Listen in as Marvin and I discuss the current state of estate planning and the unique opportunity presented by today's (historically) large estate-tax exemption.

    We explore the concept of 'Use it or Lose it' and how various trusts can be used to maintain access, control, and flexibility while avoiding potential pitfalls. We also touch on the impact of wealth, inflation, and the political climate on estate planning tools and the importance of preparing heirs to receive their inheritance.

    Finally, we also delve into the challenges that family businesses face when estate planning is neglected, and the power of philanthropy to keep a family connected. Marvin's insights and expertise make this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in estate planning, wealth management, and leaving a lasting legacy.

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    Ep042: Subscription CPA Success with Greg O'Brien

    May 1st, 2023  |  1 hr 13 mins

    In today's episode of the IC-DISC podcast, I am talking to Greg O'Brien from Boston. Greg has one of the most interesting CPA practices I've ever seen. Not only is it a virtual firm with employees and clients located all over the country, but they serve clients on a subscription basis only.

    We talked about how he ended up with this model and how it has evolved over time, based on both client and employee feedback.

    Greg is a dynamic, forward-looking professional who is on the cutting edge of a new trend in the CPA profession.

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    Ep041: Being a Deal Attorney with John Walker

    March 14th, 2023  |  52 mins 11 secs

    In this episode of the IC-DISC podcast we’re talking to John H. Walker, a mergers & acquisitions attorney in Houston.

    in the past, John has done hundreds of transactions, on both the buy-side and the sell-side for a number of different public and private companies. But he really loves representing sellers who are selling to much larger, more sophisticated buyers, in which he is able to level the playing field.

    You will enjoy this wide ranging conversation. John has some great stories, client success stories, and examples of things that can go wrong.

    It was a really interesting conversation and I learned a lot about some things to be on the lookout for when you're considering selling your company. I hope you enjoy the episode.

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    Ep040: Serving the Scrap Industry with Bob Emery

    February 10th, 2023  |  36 mins 3 secs

    Today on the IC-DiSC show we are talking to Bob Emery, founder of Metals Recycling Magazine.

    We have known each other for more than a decade. He's very active in the scrap metal business and has a great story about why he started Metals Recycling Magazine after a long tenure in the scrap trade industry.

    We talked about why he started it as his first entrepreneurial venture, concerns, and lessons learned, and what advice he'd give to his 25-year-old self.

    If you're in the scrap metal industry like many of our clients are, I recommend listening to it. And even if you're not, there are some good nuggets in there. I hope you enjoy the episode.