The IC-DISC Show

Ep021: Delivering Results with Dave Kane

March 3rd, 2021

Today on the IC-DISC Show, we're talking with Dave Kane, President of 21st Century Programming, a software company that creates programs for scrap recyclers to run and improve their business.

Dave's name will be familiar to many in the scrap metal business, but even if you're in a different industry, this is an interesting episode because of 21st Century's approach to developing software based on the needs of their clients.

I really enjoyed this conversation looking at the history of the company, how customers requirements and expectations have changed over the years, and we also had the chance to discuss a new collaboration between Export Advisors and 21st Century Programming to help scrap exporters quickly identify the tax savings they could achieve from an IC-DISC.

This is a great episode that really highlights the opportunity to create a win for your clients by removing any friction.


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Dave Kane