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Ep030: Earning Internal & External Loyalty with Chris Dooley

March 24th, 2022

Today on the IC-DISC Show, we're talking with Chris Dooley, CEO of Dooley Tackaberry, a fourth-generation firm founded 97 years ago in Beaumont, Texas.

The company is one of the most reliable suppliers of fire and safety products to oil, gas, and municipal markets, and we had a great conversation about what it's like to be the fourth generation of a family-run business. Chris has an amazing relationship with his employees, and he describes the company as being like an extended family that functions like a well-oiled machine.

We further discuss how this relationship and the company's nimble approach to requests from small and Fortune 100 companies lead to deeper customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This is a great show, with many examples of a company focusing on becoming a trusted partner.


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