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Ep037: Cost Segregation in Real Estate with Heidi Henderson

October 20th, 2022

My guest today is Heidi Henderson. She serves as the Executive Vice President for Engineered Tax Services and oversees the marketing and advertising efforts along with business development. Although ETS is based in Southern Florida, Heidi is actually located in Utah.

Doing cost segregation work, mostly on real estate projects, we talk about some of the differentiators for Engineered Tax Services, what clients say about them, and what makes Heidi really proud about the firm.

This was a great episode talking about her background - how she got into the real estate business and then how that translated to joining Engineered Tax Services about 12 years ago.

We wrapped things up with Heidi sharing some lessons that she's learned through her career and advice that she would give to her 25-year-old self.


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