The IC-DISC Show

Ep017: The Opportunity with Dean Jackson

April 14th, 2020

Today on the IC-DISC Show, I just wrapped up one of the most interesting interviews I've ever had on the podcast.

My guest was Dean Jackson, a real Renaissance entrepreneur who has some really incredible businesses and really great ideas.

His company's tagline is 'We help entrepreneurs make more money', and this was a great far-ranging conversation. Dean charges several thousand dollars for one on one consultations, and you can get his wisdom for free today.

We talked about some of the really transformative concepts he pioneered, and we also talked about why this Coronavirus shutdown could be the opportunity of a lifetime for a lot of people, but it is their attitude that will ultimately determine whether this was the best thing that could have happened or the worst thing.

This episode is full of some really interesting insights.

We didn't talk about IC-DISC at all, but it will be incredibly valuable for any entrepreneur or anyone in a role where they're responsible for generating revenue.


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