The IC-DISC Show

Ep018: A Journey Helping Others with Sheila Enriquez

July 9th, 2020

Today on the IC-DISC Show, we're talking with Sheila Enriquez, the managing partner of CPA firm Briggs and Veselka here in Houston.

This was a fantastic interview with a really amazing person. Sheila is the first guest I've had who was not born in the USA, and she really epitomizes the American dream and the opportunities available in this country. It's something some of us who are native-born can forget, and I certainly have to be careful not to take for granted the opportunities this country offers.

So this is a wide-ranging interview talking about the accounting profession, her background in the company as a managing partner, as well as some of her heartwarming, personal story.


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Sheila Enriquez